Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Blogs and the Establishment

Such a grandiose title huh?

Well, I was reading WolvesGeek and saw that John Bonnes of TwinsGeek was writing for Cory as his deputy. Seems the Timber Wolves offered Cory a chance to review their website and sit with the press for the Magic-Wolves game the other night.

Now I don't have a huge problem with this as John proves to have a level head about these things usually even if he is a SABRmetrician. But it got me to thinking about how sports franchises can use bloggers to get their view into the public domain.

I can imagine that often, the blogger is so thrilled about getting an inside look at his favorite team or star or whatever that they are more forgiving and generally use the team's spin on events. I just wonder how often this is done so that the team doesn't have to go through the lens of the media.

These are some abbrieviated musings but this is a blog, I don't have an editor and don't have to write complete thoughts.

I'll save that for legal briefs.


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