Friday, June 18, 2004

An Answer to The New Republic

In the New Republic, they ran a story wondering why they were wrong or even if they were, in supporting the war in Iraq. They conclude that strategically they were very wrong but say that many others shared their problems. Secondly, they say that morally they still have a case for war, that the Iraqis are better off for now. But that depending on what happens (i.e. 4 sided civil war) we might fail morally.

My answer to The New Republic is this: You were wrong because you BELIEVED GEORGE BUSH COULD DO THE JOB. Nothing he had ever done up to the Iraq war was at all convincing that he truly had the balls to do the job right in Iraq. Not Afghanistan, not Homeland Security, not anything.

The crime of The New Republic, and indeed the crime of John Kerry himself is that they believed George Bush was not a fucking cowardly liar.


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