Thursday, July 08, 2004

Because We Cover Baseball Too!

Most have forgotten but I do have a second hobby, Baseball! I love it, and am a Minnesota Twins fan which was rather embarassed 10 years ago, but has been a respectable occupation since 2001.

Recently the Twins swept the pathetic Kansas City Royals (who were picked by many to win the Divison) in 3 COMPLETE GAME SHUTOUTS. Let me congratulate Radke, Santana and Lohse on excellent performances. However, here in Minnesota we're rather pessimistic. Witness this poll from the Strib:

Why did the Twins sweep the Royals?

Key players have recovered from injuries -- 4%
The team has found its midseason form -- 14%
The Twins are that good -- 6%
The Royals are that bad -- 73%
None of the above -- 3%


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