Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Elections and Imus

Dear Pat Buchannan,

Kerry should concede? Do you honestly think Bush would concede?


Anyhow, well looks like Bush is going to get legitimized and I can't really complain because the system seems to have worked. We're the ones who failed, my generation and those on my side who made mistakes when it counted. But now is not the time for blame. Think of what we have, we have united in the face of overwhelming defeat in 2002, fought our way back from Exile and nearly won.

One of things we need to do, is talk about values. I honestly believe that the Republicans are all talk, and don't have real values. We see that in the indictments in relation to DeLay, the sexual antics which are almost all Republican in the last few years, the incredible pork spending, the sheer ammount of up-is-downism. The lefty network of websites, money raising and unified watchdogging will continue, we only really came together in 2004, thanks to Dean. We can build on what we have, and remind people that their values ARE our values.


Dear GOP

If you think we're going away, that we're not going to be back in 08, you're crazy.


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