Wednesday, December 22, 2004

State of the Twins - Offseason 2004

Note: Reposted from a Toonzone post with minor editing.

Well, Twins fans (and I know you're out there) we are officially FUCKED!

Gardenhire gets to have his Jacque back, we lost Koskie, we kept Rivas and signed Juan Castro. Lovely. If we win the Central this year (and make no mistake of it, with Bradke and Santana the Road to the Playoffs in the central STILL goes through the Hefty Bag) we will get speed-bumped in the playoffs. Twins moves are pretty much done for the year so here's a list of the disasters that have struck us this off-season.
  • Joe Mauer's durability remains questionable
  • Jason Kubel's career may be over
  • Jacque Jones is returning
  • Corey Koskie is not returning
  • Luis Rivas is returning
A decent SS/2B (like Cora or Eckstein) was not pursued because the Twins couldn't wait. Now Jason Bartlett gets the shaft because Gardenhire trusts veterans over rookies and there is confusion in middle infield. We could have had a vetern 2B and then Gardy could have gone with Cuddyer at 3B while being able to have Bartlett at SS where a vetern 2B would have eased his fears and helped him.

Opening day, baring more curse-generated injuries, Gardy will play an OF of Stewart, Hunter and Jones where the outfield could have been, SHOULD have been Ford, Hunter, Kubel with Stewart as DH. Lew will get the shaft because Stewart has an ego to massage instead of putting them where they would be most productive, Stewart at DH where he would have less stress on his foot and Lew in the field where he is a better defender than Stewart, and where he hits better. Stewart is a good enough hitter that he does not seem to decline with extended time at DH.So the Twins instead of being World Series contenders get another year of 1 and done and another $175 worth of gate receipts from yours.


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