Monday, February 16, 2004

I'll tell you where you can stick that A-rod...!!

As you may have observed if you follow baseball. Alex Rodriguez went to the Yankees. Surprise.

Huge contract + hugely wealthy team = new teammate.

Now I'm angry because the Yankees MUST WIN THE AL EAST NOW or finish 3rd. Why? Because if they win the AL East, Boston is the Wildcard and the Twins can beat Boston. Did so last year in the season series 4-2. Yankee record? 1-21 over the past 2 years. It's really a mental block kind of thing, I think. Although the hacktastic way Twin batters performed in the ALDS of 2003 (With the exceptions of Shannon Stewart and... Torii Hunter?!?) anyone could have beaten them...

Now what I'm responding to mainly in this ramblin' post is the the opening paragraph to Peter Gammon's column on the A-Rod deal. Here it is.

"TAMPA, Fla. -- Fairness is not the issue because the rules are the rules. When the Red Sox worked their deals with Curt Schilling and Keith Foulke, they did what the Blue Jays or the Indians or the Padres couldn't afford to do. Just as what the Yankees did to get Alex Rodriguez was something only they could afford. That's just the way it is, good old-fashioned Republican baseball, and six strikes haven't changed the fact that the Yankees are in a different world from the Red Sox, who have a huge advantage over the Rangers or the A's, just as George W. Bush and John F. Kerry were born with an advantage because they were born rich."

You know what my answer to that is? Then "good old-fashioned Republican baseball" deserves to follow the Republican party STRAIGHT DOWN INTO HELL!