Friday, November 05, 2004

Toonzone Statement

by MNPundit/SSJPabs


Moderators, Administrators, Owners have decided to ban political discussions. Now I wonder if this was put to a vote or if everyone agreed.

Anyhow the mods just did something I consider wrong, dead wrong and harmful. But they can do that and I can't do anything about it. However, I enjoyed talking about political threads more here than anywhere else. The posters here, by and large, except for a few wingnuts, were clever, thoughtful and reasoned in their various positions. I learned a lot here about how to argue with people who would reason and how to detect when someone seemed to reasoning but was really a wingnut. I've seen the best political discussion I've ever encountered online here, and I would really like to do that. In fact, over the last year political discussions have become more and more my reason for coming here as opposed to talking about animation and I feel a bit adrift.

Unforunately the powers that be decided it was wrong. But I'm not ready to stop either. So what to do, what to do? Well I propose creating a new board seperate from Toonzone that the toonzone political posters can go to, to talk politics. I'd like to make it resembled the Cafe, but if for copyright issues the owners would oppose that then that can be easily changed.

This would be a board explicitly for political/policy discussions.

I would hope that the adminstrators and owners of Toonzone would support this endevour both because they would enjoy it, and because it would get all that energy off of the Toonzone board.

If you would be interested in continuing a discussion involving the toonzone posters, please let me know.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Elections and Imus

Dear Pat Buchannan,

Kerry should concede? Do you honestly think Bush would concede?


Anyhow, well looks like Bush is going to get legitimized and I can't really complain because the system seems to have worked. We're the ones who failed, my generation and those on my side who made mistakes when it counted. But now is not the time for blame. Think of what we have, we have united in the face of overwhelming defeat in 2002, fought our way back from Exile and nearly won.

One of things we need to do, is talk about values. I honestly believe that the Republicans are all talk, and don't have real values. We see that in the indictments in relation to DeLay, the sexual antics which are almost all Republican in the last few years, the incredible pork spending, the sheer ammount of up-is-downism. The lefty network of websites, money raising and unified watchdogging will continue, we only really came together in 2004, thanks to Dean. We can build on what we have, and remind people that their values ARE our values.


Dear GOP

If you think we're going away, that we're not going to be back in 08, you're crazy.