Saturday, January 01, 2005

PR Moves that Mean Something

Dear President Bush,

Now apparently your staffers took it personally what the UN rep. said about western nations. Well he didn't exactly meantion the United States by name but I guess it must have hit a nerve with the rest of the GOP because of the mini-firestorm it caused. You immediately decided to up the proposal to $35,000,000 and reminded us that in raw dollars we still give lots of aid (though only the tiniest part of your budget--and I use that term loosely, I know!) Also you apparently don't want to just say that you feel someone's pain. Okay sure, but look you just missed a golden opportunity to show how generous and loving and downright Christian you are to a region with a LOT of Muslims. Talk about hearts and minds!

Well here's an idea: Why don't you take those 45 million in Inaugaral Funds and donate them to victims of the tidal wave? Think of all the goodwill that would generate! Even part of that money! Instead of spending it on toasting your success while planting your feet firmly on the back of my neck, you could be using it to prove to all of us liberals that you are going to do whatever it takes to secure America's future in a crucial region involving the future economy and with a whole lot of Muslims to start the process of winning over!

But I guess that would just be too damn liberal huh?



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