Monday, March 14, 2005

A little bit of anger

While discussing disagreements about Marshall Whitman of the DLC who he says "lashed out" instead of admitting the truth (that his particular defense of Leiberman was mistaken) Jonathan Chait does a little lashing of his own.

I actually agree with Marshall and the DLC on the suicidal purity of the Democratic party’s left wing, embodied by the Howard Dean movement and its fanatical internet contingent, even if I disagree with his support for Lieberman in particular. (I think Lieberman's zeal to be seen as bipartisan, apologetics for torture, history of supporting capital gains tax cuts and fighting sensible regulations on Wall Street allow party liberals to tarnish the whole moderate wing as sell-outs.)

Now I don't think that Howard Dean and those of us who support him are into suicidal purity. We just want someone who has the guts to fight the Republicans. Why else embrace Reid who is pro-life? Reid has done a wonderful job so far as democratic Senate leader. Are we fanatical? I'm sure a few are, but fanatical about what? Dean himself? Dean's stances like balanced budgets, slow expansion of services to help people like early child-care or health insurance, insistance on not rapidly and stupidly going into a land war in the middle-east?

Indeed Mr. Chait, if you'll actually look you'll see intense discussions on why Lieberman pisses us off. Look at the DailyKos post about Ben Nelson who many of us disagree with. Wow. The man DOESN'T STAB US IN THE BACK ON NATIONAL TV EVERY WEEK! WHAT A CONCEPT!

You know... until I read that I though Bullmooise was a disgusted Republican who just leaned left - heh, if he's DLC maybe he is. Now that I know for sure who it is, there are certain things Whitman has written that both anger and disgust me. Which is about par for a RINO I guess.


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