Thursday, February 17, 2005

Pulling Iraq Outta the Fire, One Question At A Time

One thing I've forgotten to mention is that Ayatollah Sistani has a website. It is available in Arabic, English, and French(!). In particular I find the Q&A section rather interesting. As I hinted at in the title, if there is anyone who can help Iraq survive the comming years, it's Sistani.

Interestingly enough, Ayatollah Khamenei the top religious figure in Iran also has a website. Sistani's is better though.

Thanks to Matt Yglesias for reminding me.

Typically Vile and Cultish

In regards to Powerline and Jimmy Carter let me say that I am not very surprised. The people at Powerline are without a doubt the kind of people who revel in making baseless claims and schilling for the Right Wing Noise Machine.

In other, less vile but no more shocking news, if George Washington dug himself out of the grave and ran for President, he would beat George Bush II by 20 percentage points. But wait, here's the real funny part. Among self-described Republicans, Bush II beats Washington 62%-38%!

They can't really think W is the savior can they? That'd be silly...